Mission, Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

We work to empower girls and women to pursue careers in the blockchain space by providing a safe space where women can study, learn and support each other. 


  • To build a community of female developers in the blockchain space
  • To grow the number of female blockchain engineers
  • To provide educational opportunities for women to learn smart contract development
  • To encourage girls and women to explore blockchain technology


  • To partner with similar women groups and reach out to women in tech to attend our workshops and community-building events
  • To hold monthly instructional workshops about the Ethereum Blockchain, developing decentralized applications and their use cases
  • To create an educational curriculum that builds on basic programming skills
  • To introduce women to the tools and technical skills necessary to pursue careers as blockchain engineers
  • To provide a platform for women working as blockchain engineers to showcase their skill set and share their experience
  • To hold career and networking events that are targeted towards women in tech who want to explore  careers in the blockchain space
  • To present blockchain technology and the possibilities it holds to girls and young women through after school programs

You have ideas to help us achieve these goals?

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