DAppLadies was started in March 2018 by Kseniya Lifanova in Los Angeles, California. As she attended technical blockchain meetups, she saw a lack of female developers in the space and was inspired to start building a community by providing educational resources to learn smart contract development.

Initially, the group began meeting at a coffee shop to study, learn from each other, and work on smart contract projects. It evolved to offer traditional style classes in 2019. These classes provide the fundamental building blocks to start programming decentralized applications.

The Team

Kseniya Lifanova

Kseniya is a partner, co-founder, and smart contract developer at Upstate Interactive, LLC.

Shanee Dinay

Shanee is a DevOps engineer at Spring Labs, a blockchain hobbyist, and a rock climber.

Zeina AlThawabteh

Zeina is a blockchain enthusiast and former writer about blockchain startups.

Do you have a topic you would like to see covered? Would you like to teach a class?

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